Productivity Versus Planning

My working week is full of planning. No sooner have I ticked 1 item off my todo list, another takes its place. So I got to wondering, does all this planning make me productive?

This weekend I got up at 6.30AM on Saturday. Cooked myself to a full english breakfast, which I ate in bed! Took a walk in the sunshine, that turned into rain but I found shelter where I watched the sky turn from grey to blue. Discovered an amazing documentary ‘Given’. Narrated from the perspective of 6 year old Given, as his family travel the world in search of “the big fish”. Filled my kitchen with the luxurious smell of a home made chilli and took myself to bed with a large hot chocolate.

On Sunday I didn’t rise quite as early. My alarm conspired against me but I woke naturally at 7.30AM. Another cooked breakfast with chai tea in bed before a trip to the cinema to see ‘American Assassin’. Spent the afternoon discovering the joys of ‘The Hidden Life Of Trees’ by Peter Wohllenben. My forest walks will be more magical after reading this book! Researched 2 courses that I’m looking to take and wrote down the questions I need to ask my advisor on Monday. Mid Sunday afternoon the result of my experiment struck me …

I deliberately made no plans for the weekend. Instead I decided to do what I ‘felt’ like doing. Not only am I prepared for the week ahead but I achieved more for my spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing than I would have done if I had accepted the invites and planned my needs around them. So trust your gut feeling. It will tell you what you need, if only you put down the todo list long enough to hear it!


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