The True Friend

I believe we all need a true friend in our lives. I don’t mean the friend who always tells you “You look fabulous in those jeans” or “Everything will work out!” I mean the friend who always has your back but, is not afraid to call you out on your bullshit if you have lost site of reality and fallen into the well of self pity. This friend is the one you need to value, to foster, to openly show your gratitude to. Why?

Because this friend is moving with you on your travel towards your goals. Not only is he/she truly supporting you but he/she is also not allowing you to let excuses get in your way or to forget that you have many things to be grateful for in life, if you just shift your perspective a few degrees. I would not have followed the paths I have travelled this year without my true friend. To Leanna, I say thank you. I am grateful that you choose to stay in my life and keep me true. Stay awesome!

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