When The Darkness Invades

I need to believe I am not alone in the plague of destructive thought patterns that reoccur to burst my bubble of contentment. They need no trigger or causal event, they just come. Popular wisdom states the need to change these negative thought patterns into positive ones. I find this akin to asking a tree to be a bird, neither of us will succeed.

I offer a different approach for judgement. Embrace these thoughts, sink into them, examine them from all perspectives, stop fighting them and love them. Would you really be better off without them, or would you cease to be you? They are an intrinsic part of your nature, your uniqueness and the fact that you are unique is the most wonderful gift. Why? Because it means you can move through this life in a way that no-one else can and thats pretty amazing!

If this approach fails to send a chink of light into your locked down mind then try this quote:

“Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that–thoughts.” –Alan Lokos. 

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